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Thread: security suite 8.0 Firefox 3.0.3 compatability

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    wonderdog Guest

    Default security suite 8.0 Firefox 3.0.3 compatability

    Reading system requirements prior to my second attempt at ZA 8.0 download & install I note it only lists compatibility with Firefox 2.0 which is a long way out of date.
    My XP pro based system is a primary income producing tool, I am a CAD draughtsperson & I have been using firefox 3.0.3 with out problems for some time.

    I would like to avoid a repeat of the 8.0 problems caused to my work system with an earlier 8.0 version & KB951748 resulting in loss of internet connection. ZA then added insult to injury by then choosing to notify us of the problem by email which of course couldn't be received by those of us who assumed ZA had confirmed compatibility with the most common operating system in the world prior to release.

    I have 76 days of my licence update from 7.0 to 8.0 remaining, can someone tell me when and if ZA 8.0 will formally support our second largest browser in the worlds current 3.0 build version.

    Failing the above is anyone running 8.0 & firefox 3.0.3 without any headaches or problems.

    Does ZA provide only a phone support service for its licensed users which I am assuming is charged..... & no email product support? If so this forum must become quite a busy & essential place with the current 8.0 upgrade dilemmas.

    Many thanks for your comments in advance

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    compudoc Guest

    Default Re: security suite 8.0 Firefox 3.0.3 compatability

    wonderdog - after a lot of research and agonizing (especially after some of the early bad versions of ZA 8.0), I decided to take the plunge and go from 7 to 8.

    I run Firefox 3.0.3 almost exclusively for my browser and so far (2 days into the upgrade), there have been no issues.

    In fact, I find that this particular version of ZA 8 is much less of a resource hog than ZA 7 was.

    I would say go for it with the common sense caveats about restore points etc.


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    wonderdog Guest

    Default Re: security suite 8.0 Firefox 3.0.3 compatability


    Thanks for the reply, I will give it a go shortly once I am through my current jobs.
    I am still however interested to know if any-one can perhaps bring us up to speed on the issue of ZA's formal ver 3.0 support.

    Many Thanks

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