Hi all,
Sorry if this is the incorrect place or format, I've just registered and don't really know my way around yet.
Anyways, I recieved a message from ZA to update. I cannot remember what version I was running, but it was probably the latest one.
After installation, I ended up system restoring to a few days previous to fix another program's problems. I figured ZA would either stay the current version or roll back to before I updated it.
The problem is, after restoring the system and reloading my OS, ZoneAlarm seems to have disappeared from the taskbar. It does not load up at startup like it normally should. I tried a few more system restores to see if they could fix the problem but they did not. I tried to uninstall ZA but it did not let me do that either. It continuously gives me this "True Vector" issue that I need to close/find this program before I can uninstall it. I then tried to downgrade and I got the exact same problem. I cannot access the internet and MSN Messenger is being blocked completely.
I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2I cannot tell you what version of ZA
I have installed at the moment because it no longer shows up in taskbar nor loads when I try to run if from the desktop.
Any help would be appreciated

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro