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Thread: Problems with Truvector

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    netsecurity Guest

    Default Problems with Truvector

    Today was not a good day. I started trying to resolve a problem with one of our systems that refused to run ZASS The Truvector service was would not run, it would show up in the process list for 5 seconds and be gone, leaving an error in the system event log.....

    I started to think this machine needed a rebuild (not lightly mind you, as it is our most important system) so I backed everything up and rebuilt the system from scratch. After getting it up to having all current patches I installed it again with the same result. This machine is running WinXP Pro SP3 with all current patches.

    We have two other laptops that are running with this version, albeit slowly. But this desktop running a Intel 865 PERL board with 3 Ghz Pentium 4, simply will not run this version.

    If I can't find a fix to this I will have to dump ZASS and go to Norton or some other product. Any Ideas?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    edangp Guest

    Default Re: Problems with Truvector

    I have a similar problem and have posted a question in Windows and ZoneAlarm Messages and Alerts , but no one has answered me yet.
    In the event viewer, does the service try to start up again?
    My system is an AMD with ZA Pro.
    Thank you.

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    netsecurity Guest

    Default Re: Problems with Truvector

    In fact if you open the services screen and center Truvector and hit F5, you will see it say "starting" and then show nothing, then show "starting" over and over again.....and you will see the attempted restarts in the log.

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    atlehogberg Guest

    Default Re: Problems with Truvector

    I have the exact same behaviour, and despite all my efforts on cleaning the PC of all ZoneAlarm remnants after uninstalling, I am not able to make this disappear. vsmon.exe will start/stop/start/stop in a seemingly endless loop. Service-monitor will show "Starting..." and then stopped, then Starting etc etc

    In addition, in "C:\windows\internet logs" there are a huge bunch of dmp-files, apparently being zipped into a bigger file after a while. Seems to be one dmp-file generated per vsmon crash. I can send a dmp-file specimen to anyone for bug-checking, but cannot find any "attach file" tool in this messageboard.

    I have been a licensed used of ZoneAlarm for many years, but this time it seems to be something I am not able to fix...
    I have tried all the cleaning methods I have been able to come across, registry, files, uninstall /clean etc, but to no avail. Installing ZoneAlarm 8.0.59 still does not work.

    Thanks for suggestions/bug-fixes or similar

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    Default Re: Problems with Truvector

    The simplest procedure is to:1.Download the Latestinstallerpreferably with IE Browwserand no Download Manager/accelerator like Get-Right) ZAFree ZAAV On your current ZA, UNcheck "Load ZA... at startup" (under Overview --> Preferences tab)3. Reboot the Computer. So that vsmon.exe/TrueVector will be removed from Memory4. Install the new update (clean or upgrade) and Accept the default Setting, Auto-Learn Mode and Choose Trusted Zone, not Internet Zone..Please note that ZASS does not play nice with many overlapping security tools (even if disabled). To troubleshoot ZASS issues remove them and install back once you see that ZA works as it should. For example, spyspweeper, spyware doctor, trojan hunter, adware, SpyBotS&D, PC tools Threatfire, otherantivirus, antispyware, registry locking tools, etc...Here is a List of the Most common User problems..a.) The first thing a Hacker, Trojan or Virus tries to do if they infect your computer or gain access to your Computer, thru an Email Attachment or pop-up on a Website or user over-ridding the Security alerts by the firewall, is to shutdown, any Firewall, AV/AS.. That is why some users have problems updating ZoneAlarm or any other security program..vsmon.exe/TrueVector is the first thing that loads when your computer starts to boot up, the ZA tray Icon is just a Icon that loads later in the Boot-up process..and TrueVector /vsmon.exe is the last thing to shutdown when your computer shuts down to insure that your computer is always protected..That is why " if Load ZoneAlarm on startup in not Un-checked" and computer Rebooted, Truevector will stay in Memory and will not be removed during Install or Upgrade, in fact the install may fail because Truevector in an attempt to protect your computer will think that the New Install attempt to install a new version of Truevector may be a Hacker Attempting to shut down Truevector..That is why it is very Important to use the Un-Check "Start ZA on Startup" method so that a New Upgrade Copy of TrueVector/vsmon.exe can be installed..--------------------------------------------------------
    My XP SP3 :
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:963399077
    Anti-spyware engine version:
    Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200811.4825
    AntiSpam version:
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    atlehogberg Guest

    Default Re: Problems with Truvector

    I did all the cleaning/rebooting etc. a couple of times again today, but still with no luck - vsmon.exe on 8.0.59 simply will not run on my system.

    After removing the installation and its remnants a final round, I installed the previous version - 7.0.483 - it installed as normal, on first try with no issues at all. I will stick with this version until I have some input from ZA-technical support, or something really new is posted here.

    Enough time wasted on this mess - I cannot see why v.8.0.59 should be so very much more sensitive to whatever is on my machine - at least it should not simply crash without any indications as to what led to the problem.

    Thank you - and keep on posting!

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