Help please.....I upgraded from the free version of zone alarm to za pro. In so doing, I cannot access a program called 'remote administrator'. how do I make
the program
'remote administrator'
operational again as it was with the free version. when i try to start remote administrator server, i get the following message below
from zone alarm.
<a target="_blank"></a>r_server.exe has been blocked from creating a new process.The current security setting for r_server.exe does not permit this action. Your computer is safe. <a target="_blank">What should I do?</a>

ZoneAlarm Pro has blocked r_server.exe from creating a new process. If you trust r_server.exe and believe it requires a process to be created, then you may want to change the Trust Level of this program. It is also possible that the attempt to create a process was malicious in nature. In that case, you should not change the Trust Level so that your system will continue to be protected.<a target="_blank">Why?</a>

r_server.exe is potentially malicious. This is particularly true if the new process will load malicious programs or utilize an excessive amount of CPU time, memory, and other resources.