Hello there, I am having problems when trying to connect on to the internet.
I get a message which keeps popping up saying Zonealarm is initialising, this keeps coming and going, most times when this happens my Explorer page freezes
showing just a blank white page and will stay like this for hours.
I tried to uninstall Zonealarm but got a message saying:
TrueVector Internet Monitor was not installed.The uninstaller was not able to stop the True Vector software services.
This will happen if other software is using the True Vector engine.
To uninstall ZoneAlarm make sure all other True Vector based programs have been closed.
I have since found that Zonealarm has been installed
in 2 locations
on to my computer and I have tried to uninstall both but get the above message each time I try on either one.
I know I have installed the free version and believe it to be 8.0 and I guess the other one is an earlier version.

I also
can not
get the program page to come up on either one.
To locate Zonealarm I click on "start" - "all programs"
for one entry and on the other I click on "start" - "all programs" - and then on to a folder called "system & security" this might well be a folder I installed some time ago.
Can some one please help me?
Kind regards

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)