I have been a Zonealarm paid subscriber since ZA pro v3 to current ZAISS v7.0.483.000.Why doesn't Check Point develop a Removal Tool for all Zonealarm products.
I have never encounter any problems with installs or uninstalls.There have been problematic upgrades.I can use all the methods of clean uninstall of Zonealarm, but not every body that uses Zonealarm products are computer techies.
Does Zonealarm ever plan to implement a Removal Tool for Zonealarm products in the near future.Just about every 2009 Security Suite in the market now has a Removal Tool.

MS Version 5.1 Service Pack 3

ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:7.0.483.000
TrueVector version:7.0.483.000
Driver version:7.0.483.000
Anti-virus engine version:3
Anti-virus SDK version:
Anti-virus signature DAT file version:964393585
Anti-spyware engine version:
Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200811.4905
AntiSpam version: