Since updating to version 8.0.065 I've been having problems with lack of internet access and also with trying to shut down/restart PC. I took the advice in the post by 'Fax' which was intended for someone else with the same problem (see the bottom of my post) but only got as far as...

"* Make sure hidden files and folders are shown. To do so open Windows Explorer. Depending on your OS click Tools or View and then Folder Options > View.

Choose Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Windows 2000/XP/2003 only) and click OK."

(I run Vista so didn't uncheck 'hide protected operating system files' as it didn't mention Vista in the instructions.)

"* Next go to Start > Search > Files and Folders. Make sure the location box is set to search your Local Hard Drive (usually C:\ ) or All Local Drives. Also make sure the Advanced Search Options are set to search subfolders and hidden files. Now copy the entire line below, paste it into the search box and click Search Now."

When I ran the search it didn't find anything so I couldn't go any further. Zone Alarm seemed to have been removed anyway so I then followed the second link posted by Fax which automatically installed the latest version of ZA which was the version I was having the problem with!

Is uninstalling the program using the normal add/remove program sufficient seeing as my PC can't find any of the files mentioned meaning that I cam't go any further in the removal process?

How can I choose the 'old' version of ZA to install once I've removed the latest version?

Thanks in advance for any input



see here below how to remove ZA, you will need to boot in SAFE MODE and remove all files/folders detailed in the document:

Download the downloader from here:

When asked choose: Zonealarm FREE firewall and NOT ZA free firewall with trial of ZA Suite.



Operating System:Windows Vista Home Basic
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)