Acer Aspire 4520
AMD 64X2 dual-core processor tk-57 1.9ghz
ram 2 gb
32 bit o/s
vista home premium service pack 1

I seem to be having the same issue of the blank user interface when installing ZA. I was reading your guys' messages and nowhere in them does anyone mention that the windows file "DRVSTORE" pops up and is highlighted in blue. I have tried uninstalling my virus scanner (**bleep**), tried the ccleaner in both safe mode and user mode, have done a windows scan disc, tried the shift/ctrl reset approach, and installing from the safe mode. I have also uninstalled acers empowering technology tool thing. When I first installed ZA to this pc I had not uninstalled the acer technology program and I had a user interface except every time I rebooted ZA would go through the initializing stage over again. So I uninstalled the acer program did a CCleaner installed ZA again and came up with no user interface. So I uninstalled **bleep**, and ZA did another CCleaner reinstalled ZA and still no user interface but with no user interface the file system32 opens up and directs me to DVRSTORE folder and highlights it blue. any suggestions would be helpful. At this moment in time I do not have a virus scanner program installed.