I installed Free Zone alarm when we purchased our new Laptop in early September.
On Dec 7, 2008, I attempted to install the latest upgrade to Free Zone Alarm with no success.
The installation process failed after the computer locked up after 97% of the installation process was completed and would proceed no further and I was forced to restart the computer.
After restarting I kept receiving error messages about True Vector not working.
An attempt to uninstall Zone Alarm using the uninstall program failed.
So I found instructions to remove Zone Alarm from the system under the Safe Mode.
Even after following the instructions I still see files that I am unsure whether they are
part of
the original installation, the failed installation, or part of Vista.
The files are:
vsdata(158).dllvswmi(159).dllvsxml(160).dllzpeng25 .dll
Should these files be deleted as well?
I also ran the %temp% and the Prefetch instructions, but after I saw the number of files that showed up on the montior I became concerned I would be deleting Vista system files.
Any idea how many files should be deleted after running these two sets of instructions?
Finally, I am not comfortable deleteing registry items on my own.
Can I leave the Zone Labs, vsmon, and vsdatant in the registry while I attempt a fresh installation of the Zone Alarm Version I originally had?
I would appreciate any suggestions.

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)