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Thread: probably been more than 5 years

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    Default probably been more than 5 years

    I'm recovering from a mess of virus & trojans, that Trend might as well have not existed. They saw nothing.
    But I'm just dropping in here to say ZA needs to find out why Free ZA, & ZA suite both can not do a clean install without some sort of problem with vsutil.dll and side by side configuration. And as for checking the 'log' I have no idea where ZA wrote that log, and it isn't giving any hints either.As for vsutil.dll, it was in the temp install folder it was supposed to be in with za suite. za free, not so much. It's directory was empty of everything.

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    There are Over 60 Million Users of ZoneAlarm world Wide..This User Forum exist to help the Few Users who encounter a problem and need to be guided in the right direction by Other more Experienced Users..
    ZoneAlarm Tech Support and Customer Service do notMonitor this Forum..There are two Seperate Web-links for those two services..Customer Service or click on Live Chat IconZA Tech Support (Requires Valid ZA License Key)
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