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Thread: ZA Pro 7 locks up Win XP/SP2

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    jza Guest

    Default ZA Pro 7 locks up Win XP/SP2

    ZA Pro 7.0.483.00 appears to cause my Win XP/SP2 system to freeze soon after it loads from booting.
    If ZAP is loaded and I activate my modem for an Internet connection (e.g., to register and download updates) then it locks up before the line connection is completed!
    The power must be turned off and on in order to reboot!

    Here are the particulars of what I am doing.
    This is a brand new HW system that has never had an OS or apps installed.
    I've done a clean install of XP/SP2, but I have not applied any of the intervening Microsoft updates that have been released since this SP2 distribution CD was prepared.
    Since I only have dial-up I am trying to minimize my exposure online (for loading lots of various updates) until I at least have a my ZAP firewall instaled.
    I am using ZAP 7.0.483 because I ran into serious problems recently with 8.0 on another SP2 system and had to revert to 7.

    I have Norton AV 2009 installed (up to date) but I only have the AV functions activated - not its "firewall" or spyware detection.
    Interestingly, ZAP's "Anti-virus Monitoring" is ON but it does not detect and register the presence of NAV on the system in "Status".

    There are no error/warning messages of any type or obvious conflicts with NAV (or vice versa) - the machine just locks up.

    Since the system locks up while my dial-up connection is authenticating
    with the ISP, I cannot register ZAP or download the updates that have come out since its July release.
    I also wonder if there are some specific post-SP2 XP fixes that ZAP 7.0.483 requires.
    I hate to expose my system without a firewall during the hours it will take to get the SP2 updates downloaded from Microsoft.

    My other ZAP 7.0.483 system runs perfectly (NAV 2005 instead of 2009) and I am referring to those ZAP config settings to make sure that the new system is as similar as possible.

    Any insight and advice will be very much appreciated!

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro 7 locks up Win XP/SP2

    There has been a number of problems involving NAV 2009 with ZA firewalls; some users were able to 'downgrade NAV to 2008 version' and most problems ceased. You can do a 'red box search' for NAV 2009 to see past posts.<hr>ZA Pro - shut-off all 'privacy protection' the settings can cause immediate connection failures/ lock ups. Check 'site list' the settings can be an issue (give all allowances to ISP, homepage, etc. )<hr>If you want to 'look forward' - I'd suggest get the XP SP3 disc from microsoft and get it over with. You would be able to install ZA 8.0 easier with sp3. click here &gt;
    . The difference between an updated XP SP2 and SP3 is about 65-67 MB. It does have a number of security updates; some which will be &quot;necessary&quot; for some of the 'new' security features of the upcoming IE8.<hr>

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    jza Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro 7 locks up Win XP/SP2

    Dear NaiveMelody:

    Thank you very much for the information.
    SP3 is on my To-Do List.

    I thought I had isolated the firewall function to ZAP and the AV function to NAV2009, but obviously there is still some deeper conflict with the inbound firewall logic.

    And at least I know that it's not just my error and that I'm not alone - misery loves company...

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