I was pleased with the manual clean-up of ZA files in the last thread on the subject. very easy to follow. However, When I did this on my Toshiba sattelite and rebooted, I had no access to my Atheros wireless adapter. Could get on the net with my cell phone as modem or lan cable. Device Manager Says all is well. Network Dianose says hardware or software prob. changed software and checked many other things to no avail. tried to reinstall ZA free, and it hung up on system32/zonelabs/vsdatant.cdt. Had to end task. Now my System Restore won't complete at any previous points. Where I'm at now is I have gone back and cleaned out the ZA files as above mentioned. when booted my Network Connections says both my lan and wireless are enabled and not working properly due to possible hardware or driver problems. Resetting the adapter gives no change. However I can get net access with my cell phone as modem thru USB. It seems that the clean up that I did has created a problem with my network adapters. Would like to clean ZA off completely so I can get a good install. Am thinking that I missed removing a file, though I followed the instruction carefully, rather than that I removed something that I shouldn't have.

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Basic
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)