Hi Guys,
I've been trying to research here when I have the time, the reason I am having problems with Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite.

I am running XP Pro Sp 2 and ZoneAlarm shows up in the System Tray but will never show up and start running in the Taskbar as it used to do. I have used ZoneAlarm for years now through various Engines and am currently running Engine Versions
I have checked and unchecked "Load ZASS at Startup' and rebooted many times.
I unstalled the program and reinstalled.
I have never had any problems with earlier engines.This Engine just won't kick into play.

A while back I praised ZASS to a friend of mine, who also went out and bought ZASS. I'd say he has had ZASS about 6 months and probably this Engine,, is possibly his 2nd (maybe third).

Anyway, he is running a recent Dell with XP Pro SP 3, and since installing Engine Version he too cannot get this App to load actively into the taskbar. So what we have is 2 users/customers with the identical problem.
So my relationship with this Engine, my set up, is not unique.

Going to Vista, is not a solution, if you do not want to go there.

Other versions installed successfully over the top of the old.
So, hopefully with the help of the Gurus here, we can get an answer and simple solution to this problem.
We love the overall protection of ZASS, but miss not having to worry if we are protected.

Any solution would be fantastic that doesn't drive us to change Virus Apps and Virus Protection Companies.


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite