It seems a post I made earlier dismorning was removed, not sure why maybe a Admin can send me a email with the explanation.

My Post was a reply to jackedman cause we had the same problem.

System Specs:
XP Pro, Service Pack 3, all updates loaded from Microsoft (Fresh Clean Install), No
Anti-Virus, Firewall or any other similar software loaded.
I am an expericed PC User and have used ZA Pro for many years.
I upgraded from ZA Pro to ZA Internet Security Suite in Oct 2008 (2PC - 1yr).
Note: ZA
is currently working on my Second PC.

Attempt 1:
I used
the "zasuiteSetup_en.exe" file from Oct 08 to install with and all went
I selected the options to Learn, Use AV, and Scan now pretty much
all the default settings.

When I restarted which took quite some time to actually load, I got the ZA Icon in the tray and it states

"Protection Is Up, UI is Initializing".
The ZA Icon in the taskbar tray won't
open the Control Center are anything.
I let it run for 30+ minutes with no luck.
Restarted PC and had same slow load and problem with ZA.
I then decided to check here for any tips and read if anyone else was having similar problems.
I Unistalled ZA using the directions found on the forums here to completely remove ZA.

Attempt 2: Thinking maybe I needed to have ZA Pro installed first and then just
Updating would actually fix the problem...
I installed
ZA Pro
and it worked fine.
I then ran the zasuiteSetup_en.exe and had the same problem as the first attempt..
Ran the Uninstall and went to bed.

Attempt 3:
I downloaded a new "zasuiteSetup_en.exe" and tried again.
Had the same results.

ZA Internet Security Suite just
won't initialize. Mousing over the ZA tray icon reveals Protection Is Up, UI is Initializing.

Tried to use the Customer Service Chat option and was told to submit some form for assistance.
Figure I would try here and maybe get some advice on how to get the Security Suite working properly.
It appears to me that its not OS or Service Pack related but maybe its a Security Update from MS that is causing the problem.

Thanks for any assistance that is provided.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite