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Thread: ZAISS and Win XP SP-3 Home

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    splummer Guest

    Default ZAISS and Win XP SP-3 Home

    To experienced ZoneAlarm users:

    I have sent the message, found below, to ZoneAlarm Tech Support and have submitted an error log. Meanwhile, I would sincerely appreciate assistance from any experienced ZoneAlarm users, who would like to help me understand what's gone wrong. I am overlooking something. There has to be something unique to my system, which is in conflict with ZAISS, because the vast majority of others with Win XP SP-3 machines are not reporting trouble. Please see data below and many thanks for your lively, helpful, interesting forum.


    To the ZoneAlarm experts:

    Current data from ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite ver., which has been stable and running smoothly (except for known update frequency issue) on my machine (Win XP Home, SP-3) since 29 Dec., '08, follow:

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:976362917
    Anti-spyware engine version:
    Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200901.5175
    AntiSpam version:

    About an hour ago my computer screen froze while I was using the Windows explorer interface to create and name a new documents folder. The Task Manager would not open, nor would the Start Menu. Control + Alt + Delete didn't work, either, so I unplugged my computer.

    About 10 min. later, a standard restart of the machine proceeded normally. The only other security software on my computer is ForceField ver. I cleared the virtual data from ForceField and then ran the CCleaner.

    In looking for an explanation for the freeze-up incident, I noticed that approximately 1.5 hours prior to the incident, ZAISS had created the following file in the Internet Logs folder:

    Does the presence of this file indicate True Vector is corrupt? Should I send this file to you for examination by your technical experts? Should I completely remove all ZoneAlarm products from my machine and reinstall?

    The only non-routine activity I did on my computer yesterday was to run Scan Disk followed by the Disk Defragmenter, which I had not done during the lifespan of the current installation of ZAISS ver., since before 29 Dec., '08.

    Please note: My browser is Firefox ver. 3.0.5. The value of this preference:

    " t;

    is set to "false".

    Also note: I am certain that no Norton products have ever been installed on my machine. I am using no McAffee products at this time. My computer is an older Dell--Dimension 2400, 512 MB RAM, Intel Celeron CPU 2.40 GHz. To make certain no residue remained, I ran McAffee's removal tool before the Dec. 29th ZAISS installation.

    I am really bewildered trying to puzzle out what is peculiar to my computer, which could be interferring with ZAISS. If you would like additional data from my machine, please let me know, and I shall send it promptly.

    I appreciate your review of my problem and any recommendations you can send.

    Please note: I have submitted an error log.

    Thank you very much,

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: ZAISS and Win XP SP-3 Home

    Re: "vsmon_2nd_2009_01_17_22_02_56_small.dmp.z ip
    Does the presence of this file indicate True Vector is corrupt?"
    Not necessarily. Windows likes to crash and recover, at which point ZA databases might get corrupted. Just reset the database and unless there's a serious reason for the initial mini-crash, you'll be good to go. Ctl-Alt-Right click Z icon in the system tray. You will be losing all the settings which is a wonderful opportunity to cleanup

    Try to locate in the Event Log, under applications, when this error occured. It might shed some more light. Start, Control Panel, Admin things, Event Log. There'll be a windows error of sorts or even vsmon error on 1/17 around 10pm but maybe before.
    I suspect that your freezup was due to the za database by now being corrupted.

    You can delete all .tmp files in windows\internet logs. They happen when there are mini-crashes too. For the time being hold on to the dump zip file. Heck there might even be something interesting there for someone to decode

    Did scandisk show any serious errors?

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    splummer Guest

    Default Re: ZAISS and Win XP SP-3 Home

    To Zasuiteuser,

    Thank you very much for your incisive, informative post analyzing my computer lock-up. I have also received a prompt and courteous reply from ZoneAlarm's Technical Support, which agrees completely with your diagnosis and recommended remedy.

    The reply from Tech Support refers to the file I found in the Internet Logs folder--namely, " quot;--as a "crash dump file." This is significant to me, because there is no record in the Application section of my machine's Event Log, which indicates TrueVector had shut down and restarted.

    The remedy you put forward has been well-documented in appropriate circumstances in this forum. I, however, did not have enough experience to recognize it is applicable to my particular problem, too.

    I no longer have " quot;, because ZoneAlarm snatched it when I filed the error report. ScanDisk reported zero errors, and ZoneAlarm has generated no ".tmp" files in the Internet Logs folder since I installed the software last Dec. 29th. My computer seems to be functioning very smoothly. I have observed no evidence, which would suggest the initial mini-crash was caused by a serious problem.

    Again, my appreciation for what you wrote, because you filled in details of ZA's behavior, which will help me to be a much better-informed user of the Internet Security Suite in the future.

    Best regards,

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