I am a former ZASS client (I quit in about June/08). I have been using AVG free 8 and I am happy with it. And although I have a desktop and a laptop behind a router, I would feel more comfortable with something more substantial than the Windows firewall for software, so I'm thinking about ZoneAlarm free. I haven't quite decided yet, but I am most familiar with ZA's user interface so it would be a comfortable choice, although I am considering others as well.

Where is the download link for the latest version? I went to Filehippo.com, and I see the file there for is 26.4 mb.


I'm not completely comfortable downloading from this source, especially since there was a link on that page to this one:


And when I clicked on that silver ZoneAlarm firewall button, the size of the file it wanted to download was 200 and some K! I didn't like the looks of that, that just didn't seem right.

So I would prefer a legit download link from the Zonelabs site. And any installation tips.

I also have Malwarebytes installed but the free version only.


Operating System:Windows XP Pro