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Thread: Why was my post deleted?

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    mssboy Guest

    Default Why was my post deleted?

    I posted a question about Windows XP freezing on startup after upgrading.Did a moderator remove it?

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    Default Re: Why was my post deleted?

    Hi!probably the content was against forum terms of use.Try to post a new message avoiding any comment.... just post the issue you have and what you have tried to resolved it.Thanks,Fax

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    Default Re: Why was my post deleted?

    The moderator didn't remove your message but was removed by our guru's.I have read the removed message.You will get help if you clean up your message and cut out the bad mouthing of the product.Your words and tone in that messageare not going to get you any support if post another one like that.These rules are not up for debate nor the content of that message.Forum Moderator

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