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Thread: Wish to reinstall 7.1.248/254 for Vista SP1 build

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    shbon Guest

    Default Wish to reinstall 7.1.248/254 for Vista SP1 build

    I've recently reinstalled Vista SP1, ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall 8.0.065 and **bleep** AV on a laptop. For some reason, I've got some problems with my browsers (Firefox / IE7) dieing intermittently (internet connection is OK) unless either the **bleep** WebShield is disabled or ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall is disabled. There seems to be quite a few threads on various forums (from various dates) about this particular issue...

    Before my reinstall, my laptop had Vista SP1, Zonealarm and **bleep** AV working fine, no problem for ages. I think I had a earlier version of Zonealarm on my PC, possibly a 7.1.xx version. I'd like to download one of the Vista SP1 versions for some trouble-shooting.

    I tried here: but the links all point to the installer for 8.0.065.

    Can I get Zonealarm Personal Firewall 7.1.254 or 7.1.248 from somewhere else or can the installs be re-hosted??


    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    huldin_the_goth Guest

    Default Re: Wish to reinstall 7.1.248/254 for Vista SP1 build

    The following link has the release history for Vista computers.

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