I decided to install the FREE version of ZoneAlarm on my Vista computer.
1. Ran the executable.2. Unchecked Spy Blocker, Unchecked Register and Information.3. Accepted the licence and continued.4. Chose "not to set up programs". Continued.5. Restarted my computer.6. On restart ZoneAlarm clearly showed it was the FREE version.7. Shut down ZoneAlarm.8. Wanted to see the Traffic Icon, not the Logo, so made the Registry change.9. Restarted ZoneAlarm.
Suddenly, I'm presented with only two choices: But the PRO version now, or continue with a 15 day trial of the PRO version.What happened to the FREE version? What went wrong? How do I get to use the FREE version.I don't want to use the PRO version at this time. Can anyone help me with this strange problem?

Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)