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Thread: Free Firewall installation freezes

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    colinben Guest

    Default Free Firewall installation freezes

    I'm running XpProfessional service pack 3 and have run the Zonealarm Suite removal tool successfully but I can't install the free firewall.
    Having consulted Google and this forum I downloaded the zaSetup_en.exe header which pulled down the ful program zaZA_Setup_en.exe (version 8.0.065) - using IE 7.0 of course :-)
    However when I run zaZA_Setup_en.exe it starts at 8% and freezes with the message
    "Copying Zone Alarm pre-requisites: pathname\vc90rt.msi".I guessed it needed the Microsoft Installer so I downloaded the correct XP sp3 version and ran it OK.
    Repeating the exercise yields the same frozen result!
    I'm stumped - can anyone suggest where to go next?
    Thanks in advance to all and everyone if they can help.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:5.x
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    idontunderstand Guest

    Default Re: Free Firewall installation freezes

    Help - I've got the same problem. I installed the update earlier today and now my PC keeps going in a cycle where it appears to shut down then restarts, but I can't get past my start screen to uninstall anything or do anything else. I'm not a great computer buff, just an average user so I don't know how I can get back into my computer to even try and put things right. I'd be so grateful if anyone can help me with this. The messages on the screen as it goes through the loop go so fast that I can't take down what they say to see if that gives any clues. Is there something I can do as soon as I switch on the computer???
    Thanks anyone in advance!!

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    kaleniko Guest

    Default Re: Free Firewall installation freezes

    Same to me . What's the solution? During boot press F8 ,enter in safe mode and there you have 2 options. Restore point (before the upgrade) or uninstall ZA.

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