I recently installed ZA version 8 much to my sadness.I have done many "complete" uninstalls and reinstalls of 8 trying to get the spyware defs. to install but to no avail. After watching the lack of progress meter for 15-20 mins. I usually get a ZA window that says "unable to read the spyware.dat file or something to that effect.After reading about all the problems users are having with ver. 8 I'm going back to ver. 7 (if I can). Ver. 8
has slowed things down so much it
has rendered this
computer useless, plus I now have little faith that I'm being protected by ZA ver. 8 from anything!Three other items of interest!(a) After removing ZA stuff from my register I still see an item labeled *CheckPoint* and within that is *C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\ZAForceField*Question - can this be causing some of my problems?? Uninstalls or clean installs of ZA always leaves that register file there. Should I manually delete this register?? CheckPoint\ZAForceField file or folder does not exist C:\Program Files or anywhere else that I can see in the dos C:>\ dir.(b) Click *Ctrl, Shift and ZA Icon brings up the reset panel - fair enough!Question - There is a tag on the panel that reads Debug Level but there is nothing in ZA help file that says what this tag is for. Where do I find the info for using this tag??(c)In the programs section there are the columns *Trusted(smartdefense?)*, *Access(Trusted/Internet)*, *Server(Trusted/Internet)* and *Send Email*Question - When ZA sets *Trusted* to three green bars and the remaining columns all to red Xs what column is overriding which?Question - When ZA leaves a *?* in the trusted column and sets the remaining columns all to green check marks for any program - WHY does trying to place a red x in the send email column bring up a warning that there are going to be problems??Question - Where in the help file can one find out which of these columns has priority over which??To the best of my knowledge my system is virus/spyware free. Everything worked fine until I installed ver. 8Whollybear

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite