I've been a Zone Labs customer for over 5 years. No complaints (other than a few minor hassles) until now. (Well there was that 1 time with the snotty "customer service" rep , but we won't go there).
I had Zone Alarm , then ZASS for years , but since upgrading to Zone Alarm Extreme Security (ZAX
??) I've had nother but multiple problems on all 3 computers I have installed it on.
Comp. 1 PC IE 8 XP SP 3 .
I upgraded from ZASS and installed over old version. Many lock ups , intermittant
connection problems and very slow browsing. If I shut down Zone Alarm (not just Force Field) my browsing is MUCH faster (and that goes for all 3 PC's) . I realize this is NOT a safe practice and only did it to see if ZAX is the problem. My browsing speed slowed down a little when I 1st installed
ZA and then even a little more when I upgraded to ZASS. Now it is really slow if (and when)
it does work.....
But that is just my PC. I
have also installed this on both of my GF's computers (PC and Laptop) and have noticed a significat differance in browsing speed as well. The differance between having ZA on and off is night and day.....
Comp. 2
using IE 8 and Windows XP SP3 Is ok when I use "open protected browser" or "open unprotected browser". But if I click on "open browser" or an icon on the desktop (by accident ,
or force of habit) computer locks up. I can't even get task manager to open most times , or when it finally does I get mutiple task manager windows. Even then I still can't close the locked up browser windows . It also seems VERY slow to open the 1st window on protected or unprotected browser and browsing in general seems a bit slower than usual. Also take much longer to start up or shut down.
Comp. 3
Laptop using IE 8 and Vista 64 bit
This originally had the trial version of ZASS on it and later I tried the beta of ZAX. It worked good with the trial of ZASS and it was OK with ZAX Beta as long as I kept "Force Field" turned off. I was hoping this issue was going to be resolved by Zone Labs when I upgraded my other 2 PC's from ZASS when their subscription expired.
Wrong !!!!!!!!
I tried using the removal tool on all 3 computers which is supposed to remove all ZA products . I then did a re-install (from a downloaded program to a flash drive).
No change.....I then did a manual un-install (after running the removal program again) on the Vista 64 bit laptop and
I still found ZA files which I deleted per instructions.
Tried re-installing after these steps. No help....It works fine and fast IF I turn Force Field OFF...... Soon as I turn Force Field on the problems start. I tried disabling Windows Defender. No help.......
Programs that cause the computer to lock up and won't allow computers to shut down normally or even sometimes at all.
Force Field
Sometimes the lockup is so bad Ctrl alt Del doesn't do anything and I have to shut the power off to be able to restart the computer.
Not sure what to do now.... I am almost certain "Force Field" is the cause of most if not all of these problems.

I know Zone Labs used to have a customer support # , but I can't find it anywhere.
Maybe I need to contact them ?
Anyone have the #

Operating System:Windows Vista 64 bit
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security