I have always been using ZoneAlarm Pro as my firewall and since a little more than a year combined with McAfee AntiVirus Plus for my anti-virus protection. During installation I always switched off the firewall function in McAfee, so that was never installed. ZoneAlarm refuses to be installed when McAfee is installed. The workaround I used for that is to install McAfee first and then ZoneAlarm Pro. However, ever since version 13 (2009) of McAfee, McAfee now also refuses to be installed when ZA is present. I think this is weird, because these programs always functioned perfectly alongside eachother, as long as I did not have McAfee s firewall installed. Does anyone have a solution?

I get McAfee AntiVirus Plus for free from my ISP, so that s a good choice for antivirus. However, I like and trust ZA s firewall better and would really like to keep that too. Moreover, I recently renewed my subscription for two years.

BTW: the problem is the same on my XP PC, my Vista 32-bit laptop and my Vista 64-bit PC. On my laptop and XP PC I can still use version 12 (2008) of McAfee, but for my 64-bit machine I need to use McAfee s latest version.

Thank you for your input!

Operating System:Windows Vista 64 bit
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro