I am using Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Using Firefox and IE.

I was on the Beta program and didn't use the browser security (ForceField) feature. But have since upgraded to the fully released version (

I have a 3 PC license and have got this running on two of the 3 with no problems. They are Windows XP SP2.
The big problem is the ForceField Browser Security tab does not let me check anything. The settings button is grayed out and the on off radio buttons do not react to my clicks.

The IE browser lets me select to show the ForceField bar, but it does not show up. The Firefox browser shows me the option to show the ForceField bar, but will not allow me to check it.

I have reinstalled ZA 3 or 4 times. Cleaned out the registry and the directories. (hopefully I just missed something) I reinstalled Firefox.

All to no avail. Any suggestions on what else to look for or is the 64bit Vista version broken?

I'm sure its something on the pc causing this issue, but I am out of ideas.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security