Having recently purchased ZA Extreme Security I have tried several times to install it. I have a Dell Computer with 4gig of memory, running under Windows Vista 32 bit.

The installation appears to go very well...I do request during the installation that anti-virus not be turned on, as I use AVG Pro and am very happy with it. Other than that, the installation is vanilla. I restart the computer as instructed after the install is complete, and when it reboots ZAES comes up (showing that anti-virus is not turned on)...almost immediately however windows shoots in with this message: "Zone Alarm Force Field has stopped working. Click here to see if Windows can find a fix for the problem". I click "here", and get a windows (vista) message saying windows is searching for a fix. Then I again get the "Zone Alarm Force Field has stopped working...." message and this sequence repeats until I uninstall ZAES and reboot. Then everything is fine again.

I have tried to find Force Field to perhaps uninstall it, but no luck there.


Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security