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Thread: Help I'm in a total mess

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    mikegreen Guest

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    I've been running an up-to-date version of ZoneAlarm Pro, but allowed the licence to expire before renewing. I paid online for a new licence, but in the meantime I had a disk crash as a result of which I lost my ZoneAlarm program files. So I've re-installed an earlier version (6.5). The intent was to introduce the new licence, then upgrade back to the latest software and def files. The software takes my licence key and tells me it's valid, but as soon as I clock on OK it displays the previous licence key and tells me I'm out of date. Can someone help, please, as I seem to be stuck in a Catch-22 situation where I can't update without the licence, but can't licence because I'm out of date. To make things worse, downloading from scratch from ZoneAlarm doesn't work because newly downloaded versions crash my PC. I suspect this is because my old machine is still at XP Service Pack 2 (it's too old and creaky to upgrade to SP3). Can someone help please?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    mikegreen Guest

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    The plot becomes more complex...

    The reinstalled v6.5 software has invited me to upgrade it, which I've successfully done to ZoneAlarm Pro 8.0.298. The only problem is that my brand new licence key is now not accepted by the upgraded software. D'oh!

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    mikegreen Guest

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    Bingo! My faith in IT vendors is restored. Having loaded v8.0.298 without the licence being accepted, it allowed me to upgrade further to Extreme Security and, magically, that accepted my licence key! So I'm licensed, registered and all systems go. Now what made me think I could make this work on the 13th of the month? Today's the 14th and everything works just fine.

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    Charles_B Guest

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    In case you run into this problem in the future with License Key does not work or is invalid.Two links for info at this links :!PAGETYPE?sc=9&sf=101133&docu mentid=344965&action=view


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