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Thread: I think spybot 1.6.2 is blocking zonealarm updates

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    justletmein Guest

    Default I think spybot 1.6.2 is blocking zonealarm updates

    among other things.

    I went into safe mode to get spybot fully imunized as suggested by the forums at spybot.
    I shut all other programs down and success yah i was fully imunized.
    I also added further tools like host file, as this sounds like a good idea in theory. (blocks know bad pages)However since that time i have not been able to update zonealarm free firewall to the lastest version ( automatic download updater wont pop up anymore either. The download site wont even load in IE8.

    One more thing Ive added into restricted zone of IE8 today.
    (I dont like their popups) however now my daughter cant log in any more.Ive tried to remove it from the restricted zone but i cant even see it there. (It has all the hundreds of host files that spybot has added) so i went back to spybot to remove host files but they are all still there again.Then I tried to add it to my trusted sites and it tells me that it cannot add bebo to trusted because its already in the restricted zone.Ive also turned off the resident and tea timer incase they were blocking zonealarm?Zonealarm was already in trusted zone btw

    I have windows xp home (stand alone)
    **bleep** free 4.8 home
    adaware anniversary edition free

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    justletmein Guest

    Default Can anybody help me update my free firewall

    Downloading and Installing zonealarm free
    was a nightmare. Had to turn off all my security protection programs
    just to do it which is just foolish advice to give new users (see oldsod Zonealarm installation guide)... no second thoughts dont see it.
    1st thing they want you to do is uninstall your current firewall Xtremely stupid [DO NOT DO IT PEOPLE]
    then they want you to make sure its completely removed by downloading a special uninstaller
    then they want you to turn off all your protection software so zonealarm can download [BIG MISTAKE PEOPLE]
    then youve got to restart (this is where all your problems start)
    The bloody computer wont shut down!!! oh but thats not the end of your problems
    so you turn it off the way you know your not meant to turn off a pc
    then a vvveeerrrryyy slllooowww start up eventually zone alarm installer will come alive
    first you go with dont keep old settings then you have to choose download and install
    or download. Either way is awful if your on a dial up connection!!!
    and downloads especially big ones keep disconnecting your connection just as you were part way through
    oh then helllo (they call that your setup files are corrupt)
    So delete all your files and start over again.
    Keep doing it and doing it until you've nicely become infected with god knows what by now!!!
    eventually you get the stupid thing installed and blow me up and down
    the bloody thing doesn't wanna update. little grey box pops up and tells you checking for updates
    then as quick as its up its gone again and it wont come back unless you manually click it.
    even though you got automatically update selected as default!!!
    so you click and you click and we are still waiting for those updates
    we know that they are out there though they are called
    but try searching the information box for the link to the latests update you wont find it
    apparently you cant get it unless you update from
    and dont bother posting for support as they wont read your thread
    ask you about stuff yourve already posted and then hope you will give up and go away!!!
    Meanwhile hes very very quite down there in the corner that little Z he used to pop up alerts and blocks
    and messages... Now - Nothing.
    advast4.8 home is doing all my protecting and blocking and spybots hostfile even though Ive uninstalled spybot
    Its still doing a better job than this firewall!!!

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