among other things.

I went into safe mode to get spybot fully imunized as suggested by the forums at spybot.
I shut all other programs down and success yah i was fully imunized.
I also added further tools like host file, as this sounds like a good idea in theory. (blocks know bad pages)However since that time i have not been able to update zonealarm free firewall to the lastest version ( automatic download updater wont pop up anymore either. The download site wont even load in IE8.

One more thing Ive added into restricted zone of IE8 today.
(I dont like their popups) however now my daughter cant log in any more.Ive tried to remove it from the restricted zone but i cant even see it there. (It has all the hundreds of host files that spybot has added) so i went back to spybot to remove host files but they are all still there again.Then I tried to add it to my trusted sites and it tells me that it cannot add bebo to trusted because its already in the restricted zone.Ive also turned off the resident and tea timer incase they were blocking zonealarm?Zonealarm was already in trusted zone btw

I have windows xp home (stand alone)
**bleep** free 4.8 home
adaware anniversary edition free

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)