Hi to all ...

I've now cleaned the third computer with this issue. ZA free version 7.0.483.000 - XP SP3. The controlcenter was empty after uninstall/install. It was empty after clean uninstall/install. I tried it with uninstalling in safe mode and with ZA tools. Nothing worked.

Then, after uninstall, I checked the registry for 'Zone Labs' and 'Zonealarm' and found several entries. Killed them. ZA worked after reinstalling.

Now with the third computer, I checked the registry first and found a ZA-entry with no write access for a sub-key called 'plugin'.

It may have been
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\plugin
HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1935655697-220523388-839522115-1003\Software\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\plugin

Only 'SYSTEM' had access rights for this key. I added full rights for the user and for administrators. The contol center was fine after restarting Zonealarm. Didn't even restart XP.

Maybe someone could list all ZA registry keys with the appropriate user rights for each of it.
Hope this helps someone :-)

greetings - predent