Force Field was too forceful
Thanks for the link Melody,the removal tool removed ZAES slick as a whistle!The 9 critical MS updates were downloaded and installed. Now I'll install ZAX again,Dennis
Hello,I'm/ was
looking for instructions to remove all the ZAXS version for Vista from my PC.
ZAES was working fine until a few weeks ago on my vista ultimate 64 bit OS.
Now I can't toggle Force field off. Every time I click on the
off button
ZA freezes.further I can't access Microsoft updates because Force field is blocking it.
When I purchased zaxs for
3 computers I also purchased a install disk. I can't reinstall till I remove all the files and directories
Try the new ZoneAlarm Removal Tool, link below:<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]

Click here &gt; to desktop, right click and &quot;run as administrator&quot;
This tool will remove all ZoneAlarm products from your system. (ZoneAlarm firewalls and ForceField)

Please just download and run the tool, following the instructions.