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Thread: problem while installing upgrade 80_298_000

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    cheapseats Guest

    Default problem while installing upgrade 80_298_000

    While installing upgrade 80_298_000 I was interrupted with a critical stop error. I am running Windows XP home edition and also have Spy Hunter installed and running. Since the error ZA shows (while I hold the cursor over the icon in the system tray) that "Protection is up, UI is initializing". I cannot open ZA or reinstall the update as I get an error that Vector Services cannot be logged into. Also I am not running Norton but have an ATT version of McAfee for AV protection. Thank for any help.

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    Charles_B Guest

    Default Re: problem while installing upgrade 80_298_000

    Read this by Guru GeorgeV at this link :


    By NaiveMelody Senior Contributor

    You can also type " Protection is up, UI is initializing " in the Red Search button.

    Hope this helps

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