I see from the moderator that there are other problems with ver. 8
I recently updated ZoneAlarm to ver. 8
and got a blank menu screen.
The ZoneAlarm logo is there but nothing works.
Clicking on help at the bottom does nothing.
I had to uninstall ver. 8.

The windows un-install didn't work ( it couldn't find the uninstall resources).
I had to manually un-install it through safe-mode as outlined in this forum.

I tried to then re-install with the full install & - same thing.
It works.
It just doesn't allow you to change or check the settings because of the blank screen.
I then un-installed it ( the windows un-install worked this time)
and and re-installed the older version 7.0.408.000 again.

The older version
works fine.
Operating System = Windows XP Home serv pak 2
(windows won't let me install serv. pak 3).
Version of Zone Alarm
the "EXACT" Error messges or codes you are receiving
= None
using any type of "Web Download Accelerators
Cisco VPN Client
= Spybot Search & Destroy
(Turned web-blocker off)

Windows defender
anti-spy detector always active.
Ant-Virus = Avira AntiVirPersonal

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)