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Thread: Zonealarm stops all internet activity - local access only

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    robotnz Guest

    Default Zonealarm stops all internet activity - local access only


    My hardware, Tyan Thunder i7505, dual Xeon 3.06, network card 3com 3C996 10/100/1000 PCI - software Vista ultimate 2007 Service Pack 1

    Versions of zonealarm tried - the one from zonealarm recommended for vista Zlssetup 71_078_000 size 17,986kb

    I have also tried other versions that were on my PC's used on XP Pro. all have been uninstalled using add/remove -programs and the PC restarted.

    I have had a quick search on google and the forum for solutions - ie 'put the security sliders to medium', take it off altogether even, all to no avail. The taskbar network icon staunchly states local access only - and it means what it says. The only way to connect to the internet is to remove zonealarm free. as soon as zonealarm is removed internet access is 'local and internet'.

    regards Ken

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    robotnz Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm stops all internet activity - local access only

    Other things tried

    - remove IPv6, edit registry to ensure IPv6 is not running.
    - Look for MS update KB....... the file is not on my PC - I've never DL it.

    cheers Ken :-)

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    robotnz Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm stops all internet activity - local access only

    cheers to all,

    I haven't heard it said yet - but I seriously suspect that MS have deliberately nuked ZoneAlarm as part of the Vista validation protection. Vista validation protection has been turned into a malicious worm!! Many people run ZoneAlarm to control every incoming and outgoing request. MS know that well.

    So, what MS have done (in my view!!) is 'force' removal of ZoneAlarm, if people want to connect to the internet, so MS can force validation. Its all very thug minded in the normal MS way. MS new interrogation software worm will enter and install on your PC without your knowledge - EVEN WITH AUTO UPDATE STOPPED AND DISABLED IN SERVICES. That is the MS way to find and remove every non-legal installation of Vista.

    Which is all very short minded, as it will make unlicensed users more incensed and they can use system restore or reinstall to avoid the 'force' anyway. It may well be that MS's own software worm is faulty and also stopping validated vista users from internet access. A very likely outcome of such a worm.

    If ZoneAlarm find ways of avoiding the Vista attempts to corrupt it, then MS will react immediately and update their worm and 'force' another newer interrogation software install onto your PC, without your knowledge.

    I'm now wondering if this forums rulez prohibit such truth!?

    I'm sure the moderators will sort it - so I will save the post... in case its not welcome here.

    cheers Ken :-)

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