Since updating Vista Home Prem to SP2 on May 27, my computer is pausing and sometimes hanging during boot I think as VSMON (part of ZoneAlarm Free) starts. Here's what I see during the boot sequence:

- the usual, then the Welcome screen
- Welcome screen displays for while, disk activity is constant, then drops off to occasional
- screen changes to empty blue
- after a few seconds, the disk starts up again and my desktop appears -- usually
- sometimes the blue screen persists, apparently indefinitely. If I press Ctl-alt-del and open Task Manager, under Services, I see 'vsmon' with status of 'Starting' (which I presume means my computer is hung waiting for vsmon to complete start-up). Restarting causes the same behaviour (good thing the probability of hanging is less than 50%).

If I use msconfig.exe to disable all non-Microsoft services, the same thing as above happens (however, I see ZoneAlarm starts in that state anyway). If I also tell ZA to not start, then the Welcome screen appears for only about 1 second and then my desktop appears -- wow, that was fast!

Apparently VSMON is holding up, and sometimes hanging, my boot sequence.

This started after my system was updated to SP2.

I'm running ZA When I press the 'check for updates' button, I get 'nothing new' (even though the ZoneAlarm web pages say 8.0.400 has been released).

I tried downloading ZA Free from the ZoneAlarm web site to update to 8.0.400.... but got the same version (298) again.

I hope 8.0.400 fixes the problem described above. If so, how do I get it? (ZA Free)

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)