You're welcome!I am really glad to hear everything is working as it should. Hope it stays like that.
<BLOCKQUOTE><HR>katiebuglove wrote:
Well, I didexactly as you instructedand everything worked great. Will you marry me?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>I am very sorry I am already engaged, but thank you for your offer

<BLOCKQUOTE><HR>katiebuglove wrote:
Serously though, I did have a couple of questions. When I ran the AppRemover tool, ZA anti-virus and Malwarebytes came up. I checked "remove"--hope that was correct. It probably was the rigfht thing to do as everything seems to be working. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>I guess so if the intention was to comepltely remove any ZA left overs.
<BLOCKQUOTE><HR>katiebuglove wrote:
Now, what do you know about PC Tools that ZA offers in their package? I bought it, I hate it. It keeps uninstalling a certain program and I have to reinstall from disc evertime I want to run it.
<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>You mean PC tune? I have no real experience with it. I tend not to trust these tools.I am usingthe free ccleaner. Its simple, it free and did not messed up with my registry or system so far.<HR>katiebuglove wrote:
Also, the registry cleaner won't remove two ZA files. Probably means ZA is doing its job?<HR>Yes its normal, ignore it.Hope this helpsCheers,Fax

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