Both drives in my desktop died last week, so I have a nice clean install - xp home. This machine provides the gateway for a notebook (xp prof) to go online. But since I've installed ZoneAlarm on Desktop, Notebook can't access the web unless I set Internet Zone Security to Medium. I tried uninstalling Microsoft Update KB951748 as suggested on ZoneAlarm Security Adviser but it makes no difference. I've downloaded the suggested new version of ZA from that site but thought I'd ask for help before I used it (presumably it's an older version than I've installed yesterday) or reinstalled Update KB951748. Obviously I've stufffed up the set-up on Desktop - can someone please help? Haven't used ZA for some years, was using NIS till I couldn't stand the problems anymore. Incidently the network is fine, I can transfer data between the machines. Problem isn't browser related, my IM (pidgin) and AV (AVG) can't access, either. But I notice that a while ago the Internet Gateway wasn't registering on Connections, but now it is, even though I've put the security up to High. It's still swapping data but programmes can't access the web. I have ZA on the Notebook, as well, by the way - same version.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)