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Thread: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    Hi!yes, sometimes users things that piling up more security tools is better than running just one tool...Spyware doctor does good in marketing but is not anymore up to the job and ZA can block on access malware and spyware as good as SD (in ZA you have two antispyware engines: Kaspersky and ZA). It is just that probably users feel safer with flashing icon in taskbar orcookies been blocking realtime rather than solid and silent protection. I think the ZA installer should be much more strict in terms of refusing toinstall on systems with other security tools. A large share of users having difficulties with their PC and posting here havemultiple security tools installed. This will reduce support calls but also increase complaints about ZA been monopolistic.Kaspersky Suite, for example, is very strict with other tools and refuse to install Fax

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    ryoung Guest

    Default Tried to install ZA Free on a friend's PC ...

    ... a brand spanking new machine running Vista Home Premium. The only user software installed was Firefox 3.0.11 and Zone Alarm

    The installs went fine, but she usually lost Internet access whenever the computer returned from stand-by. Perhaps 8.0.400 will fix the problem when released, but the problem was so annoying that I've had to uninstall ZA and turn on the Microsoft firewall.

    For myself, I've been using Zone Alarm products for at least 5 years on my old XP machine. I'm probably forever stuck on ZASS 7.0.483.000 (another story), but I'm satisfied with the product and hope you continue to support it with anti-virus/anti-spyware updates. I'm also recently added the Zone Alarm Z100G router/firewall to me home network and am extremely pleased with both it's performance and ease of installation. Unfortunately, my experiences with Zone Alarm products makes my friend's all the more disappointing.

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    drone Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    I am a long time user of both free and paid-for versions of ZoneAlarm. I pay for ZoneAlarm on machines that truly need the extra protection. Today I went to download the free standard ZoneAlarm and was greeted by only being able to download a trial version. This is blatant bait and switch. I had to come to the forum to find a link to the truly free ZoneAlarm. Is this just a Web page error or has Check Point decided to stop offering the truly free version of ZoneAlarm?

    Others are having the same problem. Seed this thread:

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    spurkza Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    For scheduling of anti-virus and anti-spyware scans in Advanced Options, the options for Weekly Monday thru Sunday makes sense, but for Monthly, you are given the days of the week again, instead of the days of the month such 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.

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    akaoperator Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    - Under Program Control -> Programs, anytime I install a number of new programs, I find I need to go through the list to manually remove setup program entries and confirm firewall Sever Access is not given to programs unnecessarily which is sometimes done by ZA by default.

    Under Program Control,
    Advanced, check the boxes in the bottom section (Server Attempts) that say "Always Deny the Connection."
    That will take care of the majority of them. Occasionally a few will end up with the Ask setting, but for the most part they'll be at Deny.

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    jojalo Guest

    Default Free Firewall is Bait and Switch

    It's over six months since drone raised this issue, generously (in my view) giving CheckPoint the benefit of the doubt. All the links to the "free firewall" (aside from some users' postings in these forums) take the user to a free-for-30-days version instead of the free-forever version they advertise. It appears to be a conscious decision to bait CheckPoint users into installing a time-limited non-free version. Like drone I would not consider purchasing security software from a company with dishonest marketing. They have high rating for their software but trust is as least as important to me as performance and CheckPoint has not earned my trust. **bleep**'s free version is really free, is easy to find on their web site and has similarly high ratings.

    If the marketing folks are really listening here this can be easily fixed. Otherwise, caveat emptor.

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    za_product_mgt Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    Thanks for bringing up how you (and others) feel about this. I am sharing your comments with the team.

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    za_product_mgt Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    Thanks for your feedback Spurkza. You bring up an interesting point about antivirus and spyware---we probably need to be more obvious about this: Antivirus scanning does scan for spyware. We provide the additional spyware engine as another layer, but especially for the "annoyware" and "adware" that antivirus systems tend to ignore because they typically aren't

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    za_product_mgt Guest

    Default Re: And since we are called your 'valued' customers....

    Ananda,I appreciate your comments. Sorry about the backup file surprise. Yes, the backup file was created by ZA, and we plan to implement this auto-backup feature in a more comprehensive way in the next release. For now it's just for tech support purposes.Extreme Security upgrades cost considerably less (50-60%) than a full copy of Extreme, to offset any time lost on another license. I realize this one price may not feel equal to all users, depending on where they are in their last license purchase, and I am relaying your feelings about the ZA Extreme upgrade costs to the team.

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    hewitt Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    What I don't like about ZoneAlarm Security Suite Ver. 8.0.400.020:

    1. Upgrade option results in a wipeout. The upgrade stalled with an error message: "installer cannot shutdown your current version of ZoneAlarm. To resolve this, please restart your computer and then restart your program." I restarted, but old ZoneAlarm was gone and the install of new ZoneAlarm kept stalling, probably because it was trying to upgrade a program that was not there. Eventually, I went on chat, explained the problem, and got a link for a clean install of Ver. 8, which I much appreciated.

    2. Slow start to Browsers. With ZoneAlarm turned on it takes 10 minutes to start either Firefox or Explorer the first time. After that, the browsers behave. With ZoneAlarm turned off, either browser starts immediately. I suspect it's a memory problem. ZoneAlarm is a memory hog, and I have only 1 GB of memory on my aging Windows XP machine. (In fairness, all effective anti-malware programs are memory hogs these days.)

    3. Slow exit. With ZoneAlarm turned on it takes 20 minutes to properly sign off from Windows. The "saving personal preferences" screen just hangs there. With ZoneAlarm turned off first, exit is easy. This problem is probably memory related, but other posts on this formum suggest a deeper problem.

    4. Anti-spam and Outlook 2003 are incompatible. Upon installation of ZoneAlarm ver. 8, Outlook spits out the error message: "Outlook experienced a serious error the last time Sonicwall anti-spam desktop was opened. Would you like to disable this add-in?" This really isn't a question. You must disable Sonicwall anti-spam or lose Outlook.

    What I do like about ZoneAlarm.

    1. The anti-virus and anti-spyware program is strong and highly rated.
    2. The organization and layout is clear and intuitive.
    3. The forum is pretty good at dealing with technical issues.

    Why I am confused about ZoneAlarm these days:

    With the marketing of Force Field and Extreme Security, ZoneAlarm is effectively saying, "ZoneAlarm Security Suite is not sufficient to protect your computer." Really? Why? What do the programs actually do and at what cost to system overhead? Do I need both Force Field and Extreme Security or just one of them? The confusion produces paralysis on ZoneAlarm options and an urge to shop for a security program that does not present me with such alarming problems.

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