I'm still running Win2000 and will probably continue to as long as I can (object to Bill Gates snooping around on my HD or requireing contact w/MS to use an OS). I'm presently building three new desktops (including a media server and backup system) that will -- for now, anyway -- be running Win2000 Pro, SP4.

Accordingly, I'm looking for a reputable source for a clean download for the complete file -- clean install, last, fully fixed, version of Free ZoneAlarm that will function as well on these three computers -- as my previous antiquated ZA version has for several years now.

GeorgeV included a download link on a previous post on this subject last year (2008) but that link now leads only to a version history page and only offers a download link for version 8.0 -- that will not work on Win2000 (tried it and couldn't install it).

Any and help or suggetions would be appreciated.