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    Every time I try to upgrade on all 4 of my computers I get the following error message:
    Installation failed
    Downloaded file is not ZoneAlarm installation.
    URL " stub&oem=1025 =0 =en&link_id=2"

    This has been going on for several months. Is there any way to fix this problem? I have 2 desktop computers running XP SP3 and 1 laptop running Vista with the SP and 1 notebook running XP SP3.

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    Default Re: Installation error message

    Hi!download the installer from the ZA web site directly: your version (box on the right of the web page --> then click on "release history" --> download the installer).For a smooth update:1. Backup your ZA settings (ZA overview --> preferences)2. On your current ZA UNcheck "Load ZA ... at startup" (ZA overview --> preferences)3. Re-boot your PC4. Install thenew updateCheers,Fax

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    Click here for ZA Support
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