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Thread: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

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    za_product_mgt Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    ZoneAlarm product management is looking for any information that may help us improve the product. We are also interested in what is going well for customers.

    We are interested in anything you want to tell us,

    Has anything about using (or installing) ZoneAlarm been frustrating for you?

    What do you particularly like about your ZoneAlarm software, or why do you prefer it over other brands?

    We will be reviewing your responses regularly, and may respond to you here, or---to get more in-depth may respond to some folks individually via their forum registration email address

    Simply reply to this thread to share your opinions.

    Thank you

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    ems Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!


    I would be happy with not very much. Really.

    I would be happy just by getting installed the new versions beyond 7.0.483.000: imposible to install them after and including version 8. I tried everything the gurus advised and everything failed to work, my windows XP sp3 crashes everytime I restart the PC inmediatelly after installing every new version you release including the last one 8.0.400.020.

    The same symptoms with all the newer versions, etc. Just a pitty.

    And my extended download license is coming to an end. Very sad. And pretty frustraiting.


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    tafugate Guest

    Default longtime zass user...

    i've been using zonealarm's firewall since 4-something. and when zonealarm internet security suite came out, i started using that. the reason i've stuck with za for so long, is the quality of the individual components of the suite. last year, i started looking for an alternative, for no other reason than i've just not looked in several years, and wanted to see if za was still the best product for me. after trying a number of demo suites, i almost pulled the trigger on kaspersky. mostly because i liked the interface, powerful features, and za uses kaspersky's antivirus anyway. but what stopped me was the kaspersky antispam tool. i don't remember specifically what i didn't like about it, but it didn't measure up to mailsafe.

    i'm not too thrilled with forcefield. my two browsers of choice are opera and the firefox nightlies (minefield), neither of which forcefield works with, and opera has built-in fraud detection. how it compares to forcefield technically, i don't know. but what i do know, is forcefield used to cause me problems with early versions of firefox. every day i was having to tweak something.

    i would like to see zass, minus forcefield (unnecessary), maintain a small, unbloated footprint on my pc, while delivering the current complement of effective features. my needs are few. (8

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    coisa Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    FireFox 3.0.11 and ZA Extreme Problems

    Installed ZAX at the end of April, after uninstalling a competitors product (using their uninstaller program) Had an unending series of problems trying to resolve them based on the advice of forum users, tech support (phone, email and live chat) to no avail. Please see my other posts for details

    Tech support did not help solve the problem

    Most of my issues have been resolved with the update to 8.0.4 - Windows Update Freezes, etc. (and using CCleaner on all profiles to clean up detritus left by the former programs in the registry)

    Firefox issues remain.

    1. Firefox Tools | Options | Security | Show Cookies always defaults to "Until They Expire" between sessions
    2. Clear options | Settings always uncheck "Cookies" and "Offline Web Data" between sessions
    3. The default web page always adds the "FireFox has Been Updated Tab"
    4. If I open a private browser window, close the original window first, and close the private browser last, ZA crashes.

    The above behavior continues from the initial install

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    pizzed Guest

    Default Re: ZA blocks Eclipse 3.3, have to disable ZA to start Eclipse, then turn on again

    Windows XP Professional SP 3
    Intel 3.2 MHz
    2 GB memory

    I am running eclipse 3.4
    Version: 3.4.1
    Build id: M20080911-1700

    My solution to the problem was to revert to a previous version 6.5 of ZoneAlarm.
    Luckily, or rather with much experience in these matters, I had saved a backup image of my disks before installing SP3 and ZA 8, and in an hour I was up running.
    I believe spending 4-5 hours install, reinstall, and resetting the software was enough time to devote to the project. I spend the majority of my day developing applications using Eclipse IDE and I can't be without it. I have run Eclipse in a variety of OS and environments and never had anything close to this problem.

    So, have I given up, You Bet, at least until someone can prove to me that I can run Eclipse IDE with ZA 8, and I don't envision ZA stepping up to the plate.


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    Join Date
    Dec 2005

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    ZA installations should be a modular design - users should be able to pick and choose the features of the ZA as they deem are important to them or not needed.
    The option to include or remove any of the modules should be available in the 'change' of the ZA seen in Windows Add and Remove.
    This way if a user still wants to include or remove a module, the user does not require a custom re-install or installation of the ZA. A simple slection in the 'change' and a reboot would do the trick.

    Best regards.

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    Dec 2005

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    The language or localization used by the ZA should never be determined by the language/localization of the windows operating system.
    Instead the localization of the ZA should be determined by the user themselves when installing the ZA OR even after installing the ZA and have the ability to change the language an additionally new feature.

    Far too often users complain about this lack of customization in the ZA and complain about being at the mercy of the window's default language to determine the correct (or incorrect) language to be used for the ZA GUI.


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    Best regards.

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    Dec 2005

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    Verification of the windows operating system and the appropiate service packs should be included in the ZA installations.
    Something like a simple radio selection or a drop down for the user to select during the installation procedures, perhaps?

    Any additional and neccessary window hotfixes to the operating system then being installed/applied by the ZA to the user's operating system should be shown in a ZA GUI window during the ZA installations.

    Best regards.

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    ananda Guest

    Default Re: And since we are called your 'valued' customers....

    ... Checkpoint should do all it can to make everything as transparent to them as possible. Let me give you an example. Yesterday, while checking one thing and another on both my desktop and laptop, I spotted a file called Backup6_14_2009.xml in c:\Windows\Internet Logs - and I know for sure I have not used the Backup Security Setting in ZA Overview | Preferences. Besides, that one lets you choose the folder yourself.
    Oddly enough, it happened on both my desktop and laptop, both on 14/06/2009, the one on my desktop at 19:52 and the one on my laptop at 19:50. Their size is almost the same, one 2085 and the other 2098.
    As far as I know, this has not been mentioned in your release history of ZAISS 8.0.400.020. So it would be wonderful if you guys gave your users full up-to-date information about your products, instead of leaving them wondering in the dark whether such and such a file is malware or what. After all, we pay for the product. We deserve information, and not the lack of it, I think.

    As such, the present initiative that the product management wants to hear from us deserves a warm welcome. Now let's hope they will not only listen, but also take things to heart, so to speak.

    By the way, transparency goes for your site as well. Sometimes less can be better! Especially when some links don't work any longer, or are buried under a ton of others.

    The answers from Technical Support are not seldom more filled with introduction and goodbye lines, than with useful and to the point information about what to do in a given case. I do not really want to be mean, but if there were no 'Gurus' on the ZA Forum, I bet Checkpoint would have far less users. Just read all the complaints - though it might take you some weeks! So while we all truly recognize no-one knows all answers, things can be improved. And please, do not send us a form to fill in every other message. It's frustrating, especially when the reply to a problem is, I am very sorry to say, completely beside the problem mentioned.

    Now there is this issue about Gumblar. I got this e-mail when I was back from holiday. Very nice from Checkpoint to send this (but why did not all licensed users get it?). However, for a simple user as I am, it boiled down to the fact that ZAISS no longer protects you completely from the bad guys. No problem, so Checkpoint says, protecting yourself with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security will. Though I was not wildly enthusiastic about this way of interpreting things, I was not unwilling to do so, but... about less than a month earlier I had renewed my subscription to ZAISS. I asked whether, when installing ZA Extreme Security, the amount invested would be a waste. The answer was 'yes', because ZA Extreme Security is another product with another license. Now if my subscription had been halfway... but you see, these are also hard times for your 'valued' customers, and I did not like to throw eleven months of coverage through the drains. Would you? I had thought Checkpoint - being one and the same company for both products - would have considered one thing and another and would have offered me something more substantial than a short negative answer. Gee, when I buy a new car, I can trade up my old one!

    Apart from the above, I must also state I was reasonably satisfied with the product. Until the Gumblar story. Checkpoint themselves said ZAISS does not fully protect one... Unless I have not fully understood the issue - and then I sincerely apologize -, my question: should you still offer it to people then?

    Kind regards,


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    za_product_mgt Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm product management wants to hear from YOU!

    Coisa, thanks for reporting these things. I want you and everyone else to know that the idea of hearing directly from customers has come down from the highest levels of CheckPoint, so as a company we are serious about taking it in and doing what we can to improve matters. The Firefox issues could be ForceField-related bugs, so this info is going to the QA team. ForceField is not designed to permanently alter any browser settings though, so I wonder if Firefox itself is showing some bugs.

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