Hi Folks
I have been running my computer with ZASS 7.0.483.000, Prevx 2 and SpyBot S&D for about a year with no problems. A few weeks ago I installed Prevx 3 and this setup also ran OK. My shutdown problem occurred when I removed ZASS 7 and installed ver:8. I contacted Prevx and they knew of no compatibility problems between ZASS and Prevx 3. I uninstalled ZASS 8, cleaned the computer, as advised on this forum, and reinstalled ZASS 8. The shutdown problem was still there.
I then searched the Web and found this site - http://bertk.mvps.org/html/srfail.html.
This site indicated that there were known problems with certain anti-virus programmes and the System Restore facility in Windows. I turned off the System Restore and the computer shut down correctly. When I reactivated the System Restore the computer would not shut down.
My next step was to carry out a reset on ZASS and try again. Reactivating System Restore produced the same problem with the shutdown. I turned off System Restore and the computer shut down correctly.
Has anyone else seen this problem with their ZASS ver:8 setup?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite