Hi there,

I want to re-install ZoneAlarm (with the latest version as I have not upgraded yet and will do so after I have renewed my subscription sometime this week) and decided to use CCleaner after I have uninstalled ZoneAlarm (including modifying the target path for the uninstaller.)

Now I thought I would try and get use to using CCleaner before I did anything else with ZoneAlarm, and I am a bit confused;
First off, under the "Cleaner" tab I analysed my system and it came up with a (huge) list of files that it says are safe to delete. But my question is; why is it saying this? Are these files safe to delete because they are not being used? Some of the files are linked to some of my MS Office files that I use for work; so by delelting those files, would I lose my work? (If I'm not making myself clear about what I am trying to say, do tell me.)

Secondly, if I had just clicked on "Run Cleaner" would it not come up with the comprehensive list that it did under the "Analyse" tab?


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.1
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite