Wednesday this week my installation of ZoneAlarm 6.1 don't work any more on my PC with Win98SE. From the annoucementThis issue is related to ZoneAlarm version 6.5 and below ONLY.As of 7/15/09 if your running any ZoneAlarm product version 6.5 or Below.You may receive the following error message:Validation failed for C:\Windows\system32\VSINIT.dll. You probably are missing a necessary root certificate,This
be followed by the same message but for vsdata.dll.I learnt that this is a fact.
Unfortunately my Internet Explorer 6.0 was blocked since the same day. When pointing the Internet Explorer to a site, it could not load the content. Then I manually removed the installation of ZoneAlarm 6.1- Deletion of the folder C:\Program Files\ZoneLabs- Deletion of the folder C:\Windows\TEMP\ZoneLabs- Deletion of the registry entries wit CCleanerbecause the Uninstall tool didn't work as well.
With that measure I could direct the Internet Explorer to a web site, but when trying to follow a link on that site, the Internet Explorer can't load the content again. Moreover the Internet Explorer is blocked for the access to any site hereafter. After a restart of the PC I can access
one web site but then the Internet Explorer is blocked again.
I accept that a tool expires for the usage with an old operating system, but I can't accept that system resources are affected by that. I greatly appreciate any help for the solution of the problem.

Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
Software Version:6.1
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)