I had ZAISS installed on my Vista home premium laptop.
Today I decided to upgrade to the latest release 8.0.400.020.
I downloaded the release executable using IE8.
I unchecked "Load ZA at Startup" and rebooted the machine.
I shut down everything but system stuff in the tray.
Then I ran the install program.
After a while, it said:

The installer cannot shut down your current version of ZoneAlarm.
To resolve this, please restart your computer and then restart your upgrade.
I've now done this 3 times and it never works.
Checking the task manager, there is a vsmon service; but it's stopped.
There is no longer a start menu entry for Zone Alarm.
I have a version of the cpes_clean.exe removal tool dated 2/2009, and I've tried to run it 3 times, and in all cases gotten a Windows message, "Internet Access Monitor has stopped working."
I can't find a new version of the tool in the help center, just the extended list of manual tasks to remove ZA.

It is possible that I unchecked "Load ZA at startup" and failed to save the configuration change. However, this response seems extreme.
Has anyone else seen this?
Is there a solution for this?
I'm going to try the handy new live chat support, but I wanted to get this in the forum because it's nasty.

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite