1) If a thread belongs on different board, the Moderator may move the entire thread to that board.
2) Do I need an antivirus too? ZoneAlarm is a personal firewall. Use it in conjunction with a good up-to-date antivirus.
3) Will ZA run on my server? ZA products are designed for use on endpoint machines running client applications. They are not designed to be used on servers.
4) Why is ZA dialing out? This is a known issue with the current version. It is attempting to do leftover DNS lookups that it could not complete previously. This will be resolved in the next release.
5) ZA (vsmon) is using all my resources! First make sure that you do not have MailSafe enabled and also have your antivirus scanning email attachments. They may be conflicting. Some other causes will be resolved in the next release of the product.

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