Got this from ZoneLabs today and I thought I would share it as some of you have been asking about what these servers do.


Q: Why does Zone Labs software contact Zone Labs?

A: The ZoneAlarm family of products offers a number of features and services that enhance your security by providing
specific information about threats, configurations, and programs. To enable these services, ZoneAlarm security
products communicate periodically with Zone Labs servers. Of course, this communication is done on an "opt in"
basis; it is your choice to decide to take advance of these features and services.

Zone Labs is committed to your privacy, and never collects any personally identifiable information about our users.
Any information that does come to Zone Labs servers is used in aggregate form. For Zone Labs' full legal statement on
privacy, please refer to The information that is exchanged
with the servers below is stripped of identifying data, and is not saved.

Each one of these features and services is voluntary; you can easily choose not to use any or all of them.
Following is a list of the servers that your client might contact, and the functionality they provide. assists in the functioning of various services including the AlertAdvisor, antivirus updates, and
antivirus monitoring. helps your client keep its services up to date. manages information relating to program configuration. manages the Program Advisor functionality. helps with updates to services and client functionality. supports the "Check for Update" functionality. handles product registration.