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    morpeth Guest

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    How do I configure Zone Alarm Security Suite to accept pop up windows such as those used on AAA and AAASOUTH?Thanks!

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    billc Guest

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    Go to your ZASS Privacy > Site List panel then click on the 'add' button. Now enter the URL of the site you wish to allow popups and click 'ok'. For example, AAA south is while the 'main' site seems to be . Now go to the new entry on your Site List, right click on it, then select 'options'. Finally click on the 'Ad-Blocking' tab, uncheck the popup/popunder box, click 'apply' and refresh the page or clean your cache and try the site again.

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    morpeth Guest

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    I tried this but it does not work. After logging on to the AAA site, when trying to open an internet Trip-tik window, it briefly opens and then closes. I have the popup blocker turned off on MS Internet Explorer and have ZoneAlarmSS set up as you indicated.Sure would appreciate some help.Thanks!!

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    geuras Guest

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    If you are using IE 6.0, are you sure that you turned off the browser's pop-up blocker? I was having the same problem until I turned it off.

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