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    faithpast Guest

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    Hello,I've tried contacting ZA customer support and recieved less than impressive customer service.Each email from them says "Thank you for contacting us, we are passing the issue to ____, your issue is now resolved."Umm, **bleep**?!?!My issue is no closer to being resolved and if you read the G15 mod forums others are having the same issue.The issue is...The current build of ZA blocks all activity to the Logitech G15 Keyboard LCD.I've tried everything i can think of. Allowing all programs involved complete access, all processes the same. Nothing seems to work. When I turn off ZA the LCD works. If there is something i'm missing PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I hate running my system without a FW active. Thank You,David

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    eolithic Guest

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    i think this a serious issue and needs to be solved as fast as possible

    or did it already got fixed with the new update that came out?

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    faithpast Guest

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    This issue is still real... The best part of my emails with ZA today was when the tech told me to run an update after downloading the newest version from their site 20 minutes ealier. I swear the next words out of them is going to be "turn off your system for 5 minutes, then turn it back on". Themonkey they have answering tech support emails should be fired! (Out of what little respect still remains I will not post the monkey's name)Let me add a little bit to this issue...You can't just "turn off" ZA and reboot. You have to completely uninstall ZA from your system to get the LCD to work again.So whatever it is they install is active even when ZA is not.Run and update... &@(# I wanted to jump through the inet and beat the heck out of them for that.You might notice i'm beyond **bleep**ed atm. deep breaths... deep breaths...I'll post more as i go registry diving this weekend and see **bleep** is actually going on.Dave

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    eolithic Guest

    Default Re: Logitech G15 Keyboard


    sorry i had to laugh when i was reading your whole post:P

    maybe i can help you or we can find a solution together, if you CAN(if you got a cam or whatsever)could you make a screenshot?
    maybe from the LCD display @ the keyboard and then what ZA is saying or its saying nothing, just in case so i can see how that problem appears.

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    faithpast Guest

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    I've had only a little time this weekend to dig to deep into this.

    BUT!!! I have found a "solution" for people who download every version of ZA.
    It would appear that the problem exists after version "6.0.667.000".
    So... If you have version 6.0.667.000 (or earlier) and a Logitech G15 keyboard I would highly recommend installing and not upgrading past that version.

    Basically ZA has given me the following opinion of their company.
    1) Slow response to questions. (not even an email to confirm they have received the issue)
    2) No ability to "track" the response and situation of the issue. (Everything is done via email. no forum based system)
    3) No accountability of support personnel. (Once again everything is email based)
    4) The amazingly simple minded support staff. (Run a windows update, #&*!ing amazing)
    5) No ability to see any signs of issue resolving.

    Do I think their software is impressive? (Yes)
    Will I continue to use the version 6.0.667.000? (Yes, I've already paid for it.)
    Will look for new versions? (Yes, once again, I've paid for it)
    Would I recommend them to a friend? (No)
    Will I renew at the moment? (Heck No)
    the support being paid for is not worth a dime.

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    bgreenm Guest

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    I had the same issues. The latest (first) logitech patch for the g15 has fixed it for me.

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