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Thread: 6.1.737 or 5.5?

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    kjarrett Guest

    Default 6.1.737 or 5.5?

    Hi everyone,

    Is 6.1.737 ready for prime time? Does it fix all or most of the errors that have plagued ZAP since v6? I'm still happily using 5.5 and getting reminders every 60 days about upgrading. No big deal, and I'd like to keep the software, but I've been hesitant to upgrade to v6 ever since reading the issues here.

    Just wondering what the general consensus is on 6.1.737 - thanks!


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:5.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: 6.1.737 or 5.5?

    It's only been made available to the public for 2 days now. And naturally, we usually only see users with problems on the Forum although it does seem to be few relative to ZA 6.0 first release. Based on your comments, I'd still give it a bit more time.

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    Default Re: 6.1.737 or 5.5?

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    uaglt Guest

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    I read all kind of complaints in this forum saying that ZonLabs 6 is causing lots of problems. Sometimes I see a suggestion that they should use "clean install" for the latest version of Zonelabs. Take my word - it doesn't help - I did exactly that and see below what happened!<DIV align=left><DIV align=left>After having experiencing endless problems with ZA6.0 (see my previous post) Iwas dumb enough todownload the latest (free) 6.1.737.000 version and, voila, my mouse just about stopped working completely (the scroll wheel didn't work anymore and when I clicked the left (main) button, it placed the cursor over the start button of Windows.I also could not shut down the computer using the switch - I had to pull the power plug !!! I uninstalled ZoneLab and now the mouse and start-up/ shutdown is back to normal....<DIV align=left>The same thing happened to a friend to whom I recommended ZoneLabs. She paid a technician who uninstalled ZoneLabs Firewall and now her computer works fine again!<DIV align=left><DIV align=left>I suggest that you uninstall ZoneLabs and get on with life....<DIV align=left><DIV align=left>P.S. Everything was ok when I was using 5.5 and earlier versions - some people are talking of re-installing 5.5 - not sure where I could find a download for 5.5 (Adobe has an archive for all the older versions of Acrobat...).

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