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Thread: Zone Alarm and Mcafee Virus 10 - Conflict

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    thejackal Guest

    Default Zone Alarm and Mcafee Virus 10 - Conflict

    Can anyone help me, when I turn my machine on Zone Alarm loads up fine but the Active shield - security center red "M" of mcafee doesnt load into the taskbar, it works when I start it manually, but wont automatically load up, if I disable zlclient.exe in msconfig, and reboot, then mcafee loads up fine, has anyone experienced a similar problem, have tried mcafee support and they are suggesting because it works fine without Zone Alarm on startup that there may be some conflict or settings within Zone Alarm.For the record they run fine together at all times, Mcafee just wont startup if Zone Alarm is configured to start up aswell.Have gone down all of the usual routes, settings in mcafee, services.msc, msconfig, program permissions in zone alarm etc etcAnyone have any ideas??Thanks in advance

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm and Mcafee Virus 10 - Conflict

    I am not aware of any conflicts by these two products given people with McAfee 10 who have posted here in the past except that ZA is still unable to detect McAfee 10 in its antivirus detection feature.

    Try redownloading a new ZA installer from Zone Labs website. It may be that you got a corrupted installation of ZA. Then unintsall both ZA and McAfee cleanly from your system. Follow these instructions to remove ZA:

    Then reinstall ZA first and then McAfee. Ensure you restart your computer after installing ZA before you reinstall McAfee.

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    thejackal Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm and Mcafee Virus 10 - Conflict

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both products in various orders in an attempt to get it to work, have also tried the trial of Zone Alarm Pro, with a view to purchasing if it solved the problem, but still no joy, as I mentioned, there is no conflict at all with both programs running, it is only when both are configured to load when the computer starts.Thanks for suggesting something, if anything else crops up, any ideas would be appreciatedThanks again

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm and Mcafee Virus 10 - Conflict

    I'll see what I can dig up for you. It may be a bit hard for me to find some info since I don't use McAfee so you may want to conact Zone Labs or McAfee's tech support in the mean time to see if they know about this.

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    jbrown Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm and Mcafee Virus 10 - Conflict

    I'm having the same problem as Thejackal with Zona Alarm Pro and McAfee 10.When I boot up the system,the icon is red but when Zone Alarm loads it turns black.I have uninstalled both programs,reinstalled,with the same outcome.Did anyone ever find the solution? I have not contacted Zone Alarm or McAfee yet.If you can please help. Thanks.

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